Forever And Ever : ralph lauren socks Tunrayo & Seyi's Awesome Real Wedding Wedding Digest NaijaToday, we are featuring the beautiful wedding of Tunrayo & Seyi. The amazing couple met through the groom's sister and they have become literally inseparable ever since then. Seyi takes his time whenever he wants to execute a project, so his marriage proposal indisputably caught Tunrayo unawares ralph lauren perfume . We enjoyed reading their beautiful wedding story, hope you do as well! Enjoy How They Met & Proposal StorySeyi and I met through his sister and husband in 2015, who both attended the same church in Atlanta as I did.

We spent several months and time talking over the phone since we lived in two different states, our conversations lasted hours as we had so much to talk about. polo ralph lauren hoodie Over time our friendship grew and we started dating. Right from the start of our friendship, we knew we wanted to take our relationship to the next level, so we continued to pray and seek the face of God for his divine will and direction. One fateful day, on March 16th 2015 precisely, ralph lauren golf we went to visit some of his friends along with their wives. I drove over to his house and parked my car so we could ride together to his friend's house. After dinner we ended up just hanging around and talking into the night and of course his friends were asking him when he would propose and on and on. As usual, he just smiled and ignored their questions.

His friends made statements like he likes to take his time and mentioned that I should be patient because it may take some time. ralph lauren online shopping In my head I was like "Oh Lord this is going to be a long journey". At the end of the night it was time to go home and we drove back to his place so I could get my car and drive back home. As he was dropping me off he said "I have something for you" my heart was going 1000 miles per hour. He then brought out a black box and at that point I knew what it was, I started screaming and my hand was shaking, I literally could not open the box. He opened the box for me and once I had calmed down he asked the golden question "will you marry me? " I said, "Yes! Yes! ! Yes! ! ! " and said added " we are going to do this forever and ever and ever and ever"WDN wishes the couple a happy and blissful marital life togther forever...
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